Thresholds - WC

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Thresholds - WC

These thresholds are ready for installation. They are meant for doors where the floor surfaces on either side are of different level, e.g. parquet and tile floors.
Module dimensions: M7 = 630 mm, M8 = 730 mm , M9 = 830 mm, M10 = 930 mm

Model, coating and order number. Click to enlarge the photo.
62453Plain oak 55x22
62453 M10
62553Oak 92x22
62553 M10
62500Oak 55x22
62500 M7
62501 M8
62502 M9
62503 M10

Choose the correct threshold
Measures indicate module dimensioning.
M7=63cm M8=73cm M9=83cm M10=93cm