Thresholds - ventilated

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Thresholds - ventilated

Our ventilated thresholds are ready for installation. The profile of the ventilated threshold is similar to the rebated threshold, having a small step on top, but this model also leaves an air gap between the door and the threshold; the rebate covers the gap from sight. This model is excellent for ventilated apartments and flats, allowing air to pass under the door. The smooth threshold also leaves a gap underneath the door but it is not covered like in this model.
Module dimensions: M7 = 630 mm, M8 = 730 mm , M9 = 830 mm, M10 = 930 mm

Model, coating and order number. Click to enlarge the photo.
63000Oak 92x22/29
63000 M7
63001 M8
63002 M9
63003 M10
63050Plain oak 92x22/29
63050 M7
63051 M8
63052 M9
63053 M10
Choose the correct threshold
Measures indicate module dimensioning.
M7=63cm M8=73cm M9=83cm M10=93cm