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Our threshold selection includes models made of surface-varnished Oak, Beech, Birch and Merbau. All thresholds are ready to be install.
Select thresholds and t-moldings from Maler’s versatile selection to all the rooms in your home.

The smooth threshold is meant for doorways where the floor is of the same level on both sides, allowing you to leave a gap underneath the door. The model is excellent for apartments and flats with air conditioning,
allowing ventilation through the gap underneath the door.

The rebated threshold is an excellent choice for, for example, under hallway doors; the threshold leaves no gap under the door, stopping cold air from entering inside. Floor surfaces on both sides of the door are on the same level.

These surface varnished WC thresholds are ready for installation. They are meant for doors where the floor surfaces on either side are of different level, e.g. parquet and tile floors.

Our ventilated threshold is surface varnished. They are ready for installation. The profile of the ventilated threshold is similar to the rebated threshold, having a small step on top, but this model also leaves an air gap between the door and the threshold; the rebate covers the gap from sight. This model is excellent for ventilated apartments and flats, allowing air to pass under the door. The smooth threshold also leaves a gap underneath the door but it is not covered like in this model.

T-moldings are meant for, for example, covering the expansion gap in parquet floors. It is an ideal threshold for floating floors. The floors are able to move according to seasonal changes in humidity. The t-moldings are varnished hardwood.

Hardwood seal thresholds come in handy, for example, dust and sound insulation of old doors.