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Quality of Maler-panels

MDF ceiling panels are coated with melamine, which is why they are uniform in quality and color. Tongued and grooved panels are easy to install and carry.
Offcuts remain minimal and you can also make patterns on the ceiling. With deco snippets and panel moldings you can liven up the surfaces.



Multi-purpose Méa interior panel is a high-quality product, made of knotless pine. This impressive panel is suitable for home and public spaces. Méa is manufactured using the most modern woodworking techniques; light panel keeps its shape, it is durable and easy to fix.
Genuine material is the best choice when the requirement is clean air.


Moisture resistant SPA-products

Moist area SPA-panels are MDF or wood-based. Wood panels are sauna coated. MDF-based SPA-panels are finished with a white coating.
SPA-panel surface is moisture and dirt repellant. Stains are easy to wipe off. Uses include interiors such as washing, toilet, dressing and laundry facilities.
The steam room is only suitable for wood-based panel. SPA-panels are emission-free. SPA product range also includes an impressive list collection.