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Quality of Maler-moldings

We manufacture a wide variety of interior moldings. Raw material is MDF, pine, hardwood or plastic.

MDF moldings range includes baseboards, carpet moldings, battens, edge strips and cornices.  
MDF baseboards have as standard cable grooves, within which wires go unnoticed. Install Maler MDF baseboards with ingenious Maler-fasteners easily, firmly and neatly on the wall.

Wood lovers we offer a very nice selection of high quality pine moldings, unfinished, varnished, white painted and several stain options.

Hardwood moldings are made of genuine oak, beech, birch and ash. Moldings are treated with hard varnish. Maler hardwood molding is very long-lasting product that creates a quality finishing. For wet areas we offer stylish common alder and aspen moldings.

PVC-moldings protect the sensitive items ofyour home.


Choose the right product according to your own style using our extensive molding range.

Melamine (Mel)
Easy to care for and durable melamine represents a homogeneous product without color differences. You can choose a molding color-coordinated with our panels.
Laminate (Lam)
Extremely durable and easy-care laminate film takes even large bumps. The products are ideal even for heavy use in public buildings.