Baseboards - MDF

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Baseboards - MDF


MDF-baseboards are equipped with wire groove.

Model, coating and order number. Click to enlarge the photo.
10000Baseboard Swirl
12x42x2750 R10
10000 Mel white
10001 Mel oak
10003 Mel beech
10004 Mel birch
10006 Mel merbau
10011 Mel silver ash
10019 Mel pure white
10025 Mel dark walnut
10026 Mel wenge
10031 Mel white varnished oak
10032 Mel grey oak
10033 Lam exquisite walnut
10035 Mel crystal oak
10040 Mel arctic pine
10041 Mel African oak
10042 Mel vanilla oak
10043 Mel dark grey
10044 Mel natur oak
10074 Mel grey
10200Baseboard Flat
12x42x2750 R2
10200 Mel white
10201 Mel oak
10203 Mel beech
10204 Mel birch
10206 Mel merbau
10219 Mel pure white
10225 Mel dark walnut
10226 Mel wenge
10228 Mel black
10231 Mel white varnished oak
10232 Mel grey oak
10233 Lam exquisite walnut
10235 Mel crystal oak
10240 Mel arctic pine
10241 Mel African oak
10242 Mel vanilla oak
10244 Mel natur oak
10274 Mel grey
10300Baseboard Aura 
10300 Mel white
10400Baseboard Flat
10400 Mel white
10401 Mel oak
10419 Mel pure white
10425 Mel dark walnut
10431 Mel white varnished oak
10432 Mel grey oak
11600Baseboard Gorge 
11600 Mel white
11601 Mel oak
10500Baseboard Flat
10500 Mel white
10501 Mel oak
10509 Mel grey
10519 Mel pure white
10525 Mel dark walnut
10531 Mel white varnished oak
10532 Mel grey oak
10600Baseboard Groove
10600 Mel white
10601 Mel oak
10700Baseboard Aura
10700 Mel white
10701 Mel oak
10725 Mel dark walnut
10731 Mel white varnished oak
10732 Mel grey oak
10800Baseboard Stroke
10800 Mel white
10801 Mel oak
10900Baseboard Swirl
10900 Mel white
10901 Mel oak
12100Baseboard Flat with groove 
12100 Mel white
11500Baseboard Swirl
16x44x2750 R10
11500 Lam white
11501 Lam oak
11502 Lam cherry
11504 Lam birch
11506 Lam merbau
11509 Lam grey
11520 Lam granite
11521 Lam marble
11525 Lam dark walnut
12000Baseboard Stroke
19x90x2750 groove
12000 Mel white
12001 Mel oak
14000Baseboard Chip
14000 Mel white
Baseboard Rapids
14100 Mel white
14119 Mel pure white

Baseboard Wave
14200 Mel white
14300 Mel white
14600 Mel white
Baseboard Rapids
14400 Mel white
Baseboard Rapids
14700Baseboard Segment
14700 Mel white
14719 Mel pure white
14800 Baseboard Segment
14800 Mel white
10200Smart-baseboard 12x42x2750 R2
10255 Mel semi-glossy white


Professional installation quickly and easily!

The Maler snap-in fastener is the best tool in the markets for installing MDF baseboards. The fastening is quick, the surface of the molding remains unscathed from installation and the floor is spared of bangs and dents. The result is always clean and safe.
Simple is genius: the snap-in fastener is screwed into the wall with an installation plate and the molding is pressed on the fastener.
Moldings are easy to remove and re-attach - for example when you wish to add wirings or wallpaper.